The choice of SD-WAN service provider in 2019

Unified SD-WAN platform for cloudy deployment

As more and more enterprises use multiple clouds, SD-WAN will provide a unified structure between physical locations and cross-cloud instances. While each underlying cloud environment has fixed complexity and features, automation will make adding new cloud instances quick and easy. By leveraging physical locations and multiple paths between each cloud instance, the SD-WAN platform will provide a more reliable and consistent user experience.

5G is expected to be an attractive SD-WAN transmission option

In 2019, we will see the initial deployment of 5G. To date, 4G access has been used primarily as a backup for higher bandwidth Internet connections because of its relatively low capacity and high cost per bit. 5G wireless access is expected to increase throughput and, if reasonably priced, will be an attractive addition to the SD-WAN transport options portfolio, which currently includes broadband, DIA and MPLS. 5G offers a unique combination of rapid deployment, diverse connectivity and high bandwidth to accelerate the adoption of broadband SD-WAN.

Ultimately, as cloud computing continues to accelerate, companies expect to benefit from cloud applications and services, while requiring more control and security than ever before. As a result, more and more organizations are turning to business-first network models to redefine their WANs and enforce the network based on business intent rather than being limited by network capabilities.

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The choice of SD-WAN service provider in 2019