SD-WAN standardization

The next-generation access network

The topology of the next-generation access network is shown above. Among them, the provincial branches will all be flat access architectures, using hub-spoke two-layer networking, with data center down-link routers as Hub sites, network outlet gateways as Spoke sites, and Spoke-to-Hubs through two dedicated lines. Establish a DSVPN tunnel separately.

The data center->branch->branch three-level architecture is adopted, and the Hub-Agg-Spoke three-layer networking is adopted. The data center downlink router is used as the Hub site, and the branch directly connected with the Hub acts as the Agg site. Spoke site. The DSVPN tunnel is divided into two layers. A DSVPN tunnel is established between the Hub-Agg and a Layer 2 DSVPN tunnel is established between the Agg-Spokes.

By introducing SD-WAN technology, Jiangsu Bank has brought the following benefits:

1. Flexible WAN access model

Each line uses SD-WAN tunnel encryption package, high reliability

For different types of lines, unified management can be achieved, and unified scheduling optimization

Part of the service is switched to the MPLS link, reducing the cost of traditional leased lines

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SD-WAN standardization